3 Simple Tips for your Online Store
3 Simple Tips for your Online Store

3 Simple Tips for your Online Store

Post consumer reviews and build trust

Social Media has made everyone live on the Net. It doesn’t matter if it’s about buying a new phone or going to dinner at a restaurant, people first look on the internet. According to recent research, 90 percent of consumers prefer to read online reviews before visiting a business or using its services, in addition to other consumers.

Add a live chat

Using a live chat, consumers can ask questions or express their doubts before making their purchase decision. This opportunity can increase the conversion rate or improve the user shopping experience for your brand. Offering a live chat on your page will also help you discover the minor and most common problems experienced by users. Solving these problems can lead to exponentially improving conversions.

There are many reasons why consumers appreciate live chat and time is a key factor. Most are happy to save time and that it is an effective method of communication.

Real-time personalization

About 74% of consumers are overwhelmed with web pages that have content irrelevant to their interests.

Today the «spread and pray» of marketing is, unfortunately, dead. If you want to win over consumers and improve your impact on the market, you need to surprise your consumers with a shopping experience tailored to what they are looking for. The more relevant the offers you present to your buyers, the more opportunities you have for them to buy. According to one report, 73% of consumers prefer to do business with brands that use personal information to improve the shopping experience.